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Simplex Jersey

Simplex & Double Needlebar Knit Fabric

Fairlane provides simplex & double needlebar knit fabrics that are characterized by excellent stretch and recovery without the use of touchy elastomeric yarns and fibers. Simplex fabrics are double needlebar fabrics which usually have the same appearance (and characteristics) on the front and the back. They possess excellent drape, luxurious appearance, hand and strength.

Most versions of simplex & double needlebar knit fabrics are moldable into shape through the application of heat. End uses for simplex fabric include athletic wear, intimate apparel (brassieres), gloves, digital printing, projection screening, home furnishings and filtration. Fairlane offers simplex fabric in the following ...
Satin Tricot

Tricot Knit Fabric

Fairlane offers the versatile tricot knit fabric in a variety of types in 18, 24, 32 and 36 gauges and 2 and 3 bar material. The primary advantages over woven or circular knit products include wide working widths, cost effectiveness and difficulty to unravel or run. The forms and functions of tricots are so varied that one can scarcely tell the two different constructions were actually made on the same machine.

Tricot meshes are used in safety wear or bags. Tricot tulles are used in composite structures and crinoline dresses. Tricot satins are used in intimate apparel, costumes or cap and gown. Tricot jersey is used in linings or lingerie. Brushed tricots are used for pocketing or lining. Lightweight mono filament tricots are ...

Spacer Knit Fabric

Fairlane’s spacer knit fabric line includes the finest gauge spacer fabric such as jacquard fabric, pointelle fabric, waffle weave and ricrac fabric. The Spacer knit fabric is a remarkable feat of fabric engineering as it appears as a laminated structure with foam in the middle but closer inspection reveals a single 3D integrated fabric structure with no foam or adhesive. The center portion is a forest of standing monofilament separating and "spacing" the outer layers which may be plain or fancy.

Spacer knit fabrics enjoy great longevity without the deterioration that normally accompanies a laminated product. The 3D integrated fabric systems sandwhich cushioned space between traditional fabric outer layers

The ...

Rewinding, Warping, Knitting, Double Folding Services

In addition to supplying fabrics, Fairlane provides yarn rewinding, warping, knitting and double folding services. As a trading partner, our capabilities and care are available to customers whether or not they purchase finished fabrics.

If there are in-house capacity or capability limitations, we will outsource any particular manufacturing aspect to meet our customer’s fabric requirements. Even for competitors, Fairlane will take any customer’s packaged yarn, and we will rewind, warp into beams, knit into greige fabric, inspect, double-fold or re-roll it.

Yarn Rewinding: Reconfigure package yarn to your specifications

Warping: Our warping department is able to assist you in your warping ...
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Fairlane Division VRTX, Inc. | Custom Knit Fabrics for High Performance Industrial Applications since 1976